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The White House – Energy Agenda
The Obama administration’s “New Energy for America” plan. 

Middle Class Task Force 
How the administration links a strong middle class with green jobs.
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Other Sites

Green For All
Organization dedicated to building an inclusive green economy.

The We Campaign
An action network dedicated to solving the climate crisis within 10 years.
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What is the CEED Program?

The Obama administration has recognized two of the most pressing problems facing our nation today: climate change and the economy. The government is establishing a number of programs and incentives to create millions of green jobs. But nearly every one of the actions planned is in the form of a passive incentive. Without the businesses in place to generate those green jobs and hire the people to fill them, nothing happens.

So how do you create millions of new jobs and simultaneously have a substantial impact on the U.S. energy equation? That is where our program comes in.

our unique Funding Model

Raising capital for small businesses is notoriously difficult. For the CEED Program to work, we had to find a way around that. Our unique funding model gets it done.


upcoming events

Opportunity Green Business Conference
September 22-24, Los Angeles
Business leaders and entrepreneurs share and develop best practice sustainability strategies for the emerging economy and global climate. 

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